Pencil Rider - The Art of Ole O'Brian

Full Color Artbook
Beautiful hardcover
100 amazing pages

+ Free 26 Band CD Compilation:

The Young Rochelles, Eaten Back To Life, The Meeps, The Piniellas, Rascal, Fil McRackin & The Hens, Super Sucker, MofaPolice, Slobbery Dognose, The Giraffemen, Erotic Biljan & His Heretics, Dirtbag Republic, Callin Tommy, Bumsy & The Moochers, V-Osasto, Stiletto Bomb, The Putz, Rock'n'Roll Television, Burger Weekends, The Kobanes, Nimrods, The Sheckies, The Brewers, The Flatulinees, The 99ers, The Evil O'Brians


The Evil O'Brians / SELF TITLED


The Evil O'Brians 1st full length album. Pressed on pitch-black vinyl with an incredibly beautiful sleeve illustrated by Ole O'Brian himself. There's also a CD inside for all you losers without a record player. It's limited to 500 handnumbered copies and released by Katakomben Rekordz in 2016.